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  • Find information and sites to purchase cheap fridges here.
  • Click here for the UK biggest outlet stores.
  • Click here for information about Factory Seconds.
  • Find discounted and games consoles here.

Common Reasons for discounts

  • Display Model. Displayed and possibly used in the shop depending on the nature of the item. These cannot be sold as new but do come with a full warranty.
  • Overstocked items. Often items with new models coming out or out of season clothes. A full warranty is usually supplied.
  • Shipping damaged. These items will have cosmetic damage like dents and scratches but still full functionality.
  • Opened box items –If the package or box is opened then a shop cannot sell it as new. A warranty should be provided.
  • Production defects. Due to mass production methods and batch production, a production defect will usually hit an entire batch. When this happens the items are usually repaired and retested and then sold as refurbished.
  •  Returned Items. Any Item returned to a shop cannot be sold as new. Usually they are sent for retesting and then sold at discount.
  • Factory seconds. Items that cannot be sold as new due to failing the final quality inspection. They have only minor cosmetic damage, which is often barely noticeable and so can be sold as seconds with out prier repair.

We have articles and information on everything you need to know to find your outlet goods. From PlayStations to Fridges and consumer advice. Just follow the links below.

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