Games consoles

Although harder to find it is possible to pick up a great deal on the latest consoles. Many have full warranties and you can buy from reputable store with little to no risk. Below you will find store that sell Play Station 3s, X-boxes, PSPs and many more.

UK Refurbished Console Outlets

  • Tesco offer factory reconditioned or refurbished games consoles with a full 12-month warranty. Easily one of the best places to pick a console up. (Recommended by us).
  • Comet has an excellent selection of Sony PlayStation, Nintendo and e-box games, accessories and consoles all available at discounted prices.
  • Game does offer factory seconds or refurbished items but it does have a large pre-owned section where you can buy second hand consoles and games at discounted prices.
  • It’s also worth checking out Argos as they also have games consoles and accessories from time to time.


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