Refurbished iPhones

Apple iPhones – Where to buy

So what’s the deal here! There are many ways to save on an iPhone. You can pick up an older model, find a refurbished iPhone or buy a secondhand phone. However as far as I am know you can’t actually pick up factory seconds iPhones. This maybe because of Apple’s strict quality controls or maybe the seconds just don’t reach UK markets. Anyhow do not fear as refurbished iPhones are just as good and offer excellent savings.

Second Hand iPhones

Although buying second hand is  probably your cheapest option be careful. Used iPhones can be picked up on eBay for less than half the retail price. However, you aren’t guaranteed to be still covered by the warranty if it breaks and it may have scratches or cosmetic defects and signs of ware.

Remember refurbished phones are new phones that have been returned because they have had a fault. After that fault is fixed they can then only be sold legally as “refurbished”. So they are basically new.

iPhone 5 features

  • A beautifully clear 1. 4 inch Retina display with Fingerprint-resistant coating.
  • 4G for when it arrives in the UK
  • A6 dual core processor boasting an impressive 2-GHz clock speed
  • A decent 8 mega pixel camera for getting really nice shots. The panric capture is awesome
  • It’s also one of the nicest looking phones on the market
  • Well built robust design
  • Size 123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6 mm. One of the smaller smart phones on the market.
  • Apple Maps. No Google Maps unfortunately
  • It weighs just 112 grams.
  • Memory is available in 16GB,32GB and 64GB
  • All new Earpod headphones (Better than the old ones but still worth investing in a decent pair if you like your music).

iPhone Deals

  • One of the best places to pick up refurbished iPhones including the iPhone 5 is E2save. They offer a full returns policy so long as the phone is unused. If there is a fault they will replace or refund the item which is always nice to know.
  • You can also get refurbished phone direct from the Apple Store. Although stock is highly limited so you could be waiting a while.
  • You can also use one of the many price comparison websites to compare deals on new phones.


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