What are factory seconds?

The term factory second is usually used to refer to an item that has failed the final quality inspection at the end of the production process. It does not have any faults that would undermine the structure or intrinsically affect the working functions of the item. Usually there may be some cosmetic damage or marking or blemish which prevents the item from being sold as new. Occasionally manufacturers over produce certain items, which leads to items being sold off as seconds despite there being no defect at all! Many items may be sold as seconds from clothes to flooring to electronics and general household goods.

Often Items are significantly discounted prices, which is handy for shoppers looking to save money. Always take care to fully evaluate the flaws of any item.

Clothing is one of the most common items to be sold as seconds. Something a irrelevant as the wrong stitching being used can cause an items to fail final inspection and be discharged as a factory second. Most item have little if any noticeable cosmetic change so buying clothing from factory outlets is an ideal way to save money without having to do with out.

It’s important to note that while savings can be made it is important to make sure you way up the potential pitfalls. Make sure you inspect items thoroughly before you buy. If the item has no warranty bear in mind if it breaks it may not work out cheaper when you have to buy a new one. If you evaluate each item logically and relationally as it comes you can save a lot of money. Remember if your not sure about an item you can come back later or another day. Don’t just buy everything because it’s so cheap or you won’t save anything!

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