Designer Handbag Scam

To a scam artists the designer handbag is easily one of the most attractive and lucrative items to try to fake or scam. They are expensive and desirable and can be produced relatively easily and cheaply. Taking advantage of cheap foreign labour bags can be produced for just a few pounds and then sold on for hundreds of pounds as genuine articles. Often fakes can be hard to spot. It can be down to small details like the material not being as soft or as smooth or shiny etc. Sometimes bags are just plain terrible but by the time you realise your seller is gone. One thing is definite, fakes are always inferior quality. One of the best ways to tell whether a bag is real or not is to compare it to one your know isn’t fake. (In the next handbag installment we will be looking at various give a ways).

Why use the Internet?


Many Scammers will operate online through The Internet using an auction site. This is because it is much easier to hind your identity and geological location. It also allows for a much larger and wider audience for your scam. Operating across boarders can also make it near impossible for authorities to take action against a scammer. A researcher at Factory Seconds commented that:

“If you stick to official sites and shops then you should be safe. It’s not to say that you shouldn’t buy online but just remember the risks if you are not using an official reputable store.”

One of the main things to note with designer handbags and any other really expensive fashion items is that they rarely end up on online auction sites at all.  It doesn’t make sense for people to be buying or to be given a bag only to sell it online. If an item is in new condition or an unwanted gift you should be very careful indeed. If the price seems to good to be true it probably is.

Many brands like Burberry, McQueen and Lui Viton do not sell factory seconds, as it would not be in keeping with the ethos of their company. These bags are for people who want the absolutely luxury and exclusivity and to maintain this bags can only be bought from official dealers for a high price.  The factory second scam involves stating that the bags are factory seconds and therefore sold at greatly reduced price. It’s one to watch out for. Many scammers play on our emotions and present us with scenarios that make us feel like it’s our lucky day.


  •  To use a safe method of payment like Pay pal
  • Avoid using credit cards on any sites you are unsure of
  • Check the website address is correct before you enter any credit card or personal information as many credit card fraudsters will often mimic well know sites in order to steal payment details
  • If you can inspect an item in person first, then do
  • If something seems to good to be true then it probably is.

Woman with handbag Image © Eugenio “The Wedding Traveler” WILMAN CC.20

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